Every successful brand developing a B-2-B or B-2-C business wants to improve the productivity of their site. The company “PROFIL PLAST EOOD” is no exception. For this purpose, our Platform works with small data files saved on your device, called “cookies”.

What are cookies?

These are small text files that are stored on your computer or other smart devices when you visit a particular website once or more than once. These files allow the website on which they are implemented to remember your preferences, actions, set keywords in search engines, login data (username, password), format and display settings (such as font size). This is done for your convenience each time you visit the site (so you don’t have to keep entering your login details).

Google Analytics

Our website works with the Google Analytics tool, which measures visitor traffic at the relevant time. The data recorded are: type and number of viewed pages on the site, how you found out/reached it. Everything listed is legitimate, safe, anonymous and with care for your privacy.

Why do we need this information? To improve statistics regarding traffic to the Platform, to determine which pages/content rank well in search engines, etc. If you wish to opt out, you can contact us at one of the indicated coordinates.


We send e-mail messages in the following case:

1) Response to inquiries made by you;

2) Confirmation of received request;

3) Sending an invoice if needed.

We do NOT provide or promote via email campaigns your personal data to third parties.

Note! The company “PROFIL PLAST” and the Platform managed by it profilplastbg.com reserves the right to change the present cookie policy at any time, when urgent/unforeseen circumstances require it and in view of the regulatory framework of the Republic of Bulgaria.